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We in the MDB DAV Public School, Bankura, strive to prepare our students to become ‘honoured citizens’ in the society following the age-old tradition of Vedic Education in the country. We give as much emphasis to character building as to academic excellence and see to it that our students get the essence of a spiritual mode of life in consonance with our rich cultural heritage. To us, students are our lifeline and alumni are like our aerial roots. 
School is not a place where students just learn lessons prescribed in the curriculum, school is a place where children enjoy the fun and excitement of growing together, imbibe peer learning and spirit of collaboration in solving real life problems. We are committed to inculcate honesty, empathy, mutual respect and the art of befriending that would enable them to take the world in their stride. At this juncture when we aspire to be the world leader, we need geniuses to take up challenges in various walks of life. We realize that geniuses are created not just by talent, but through dedication, hard work, perseverance, tenacity and acquisition of the right wisdom, that we strive to inculcate in our students. The foundation of a lifelong journey of learning is laid in the school –there is no substitute for school in one’s life. These twelve years of training helps students in discovering their potentials and groom their passion and convert them to achievements. 
Teachers are the assets of a school and play the most crucial role in making students ready to take off for their future endeavours. Many of them become role models for students, while at the same time, every teacher wishes his/her students to scale newer heights. We at our school have a team of dedicated teachers who are always ready to go out of their ways to give their best to students. We leave no stone unturned for the all-round development of our children.
Parents are undoubtedly their child’s first and most important teacher and we look forward to them as potential collaborators. We surely do have a common goal – to best prepare our children for the future. Let us impart our love and support them instead of burdening them with our aspirations and allow them the freedom to make their own future. We all have to remain aware of and sensitive to the fast-changing socio-psychological transformations and act pragmatically and proactively. 
We thank all the people whose generous support has made us what we are today. We still have a long way to go - we can achieve our goals only through dedication, determination and perseverance. We welcome constructive criticism and suggestions from all quarters and duly acknowledge them that help us in making things better.




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